scorpio ☼ leo ☽ pisces ↑

cats, dogs, butterflies, baking, music, writing, my besties
most insects, math, crowded rooms, loud noises, mean people

i'm bad at replying, qrt on priv makes me anxious so pls don't do that, pls tw self harm

under 13 or over 22 unless we're already mutuals, invalidate neopronouns or non she/her lesbians, ship real people, sexualize minors, fit basic dni criteria

people !
claire cottrill, phoebe bridgers, lydia night, cole preston, dylan minnette, braden lemasters, taylor swift, beatrice laus, sofia bryant, sadie sink, michelle williams, lana del rey, jaeden martell, wyatt oleff


shows + films !
one tree hill, dawsons creek, gilmore girls, teotfw, ianowt, criminal minds, stranger things, it 2017, ladybird

music !
the neighbourhood, wallows, clairo, the regrettes, beabadoobee, phoebe bridgers, queen, lana del rey, taylor swift, pulp, nirvana, the cure + more

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